Social Responsibility

The Environment

Zetor tractors are developed with the aim of offering an elegant design and high-end-use properties with an emphasis on environmental friendliness and reducing the energy demands of our processes.


Although direct reporting of unethical and fraudulent conduct is preferred, it can also be done anonymously. However, an anonymous notification may complicate or prevent a proper examination and investigation of the entire matter, and the acceptance of proper measures.


Environmental and energy policy

ZETOR TRACTOR's management considers the organisation’s environmental and energy policies to be basic priorities to achieving conformity with the relevant environmental, energy and legal regulations applied to the company. These requirements are documented, maintained and communicated to all people who work in the company, as well as external personnel and suppliers.

An integral part of the company's management system is proving conformity with its environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and the energy management system according to ISO 50001.

Code of ethics

ZETOR TRACTORS, a.s., acknowledging the importance of ethical behaviour in economic and interpersonal relations, and endeavouring to prevent unfair or unlawful conduct, including the avoidance of any of the Company’s responsibility under penal law, has adopted the following Code of Ethics:

Zero tolerance of unethical and unlawful conduct

  • ZETOR TRACTORS believes in high moral standards and principles, and places emphasis on compliance with legal regulations and standards.
  • ZETOR TRACTORS shall not tolerate any unlawful, unethical or unfair conduct.
  • Each employee is required to work to the best of their abilities, knowledge and skills, and avoid any actions that might endanger the legitimate interests or property of ZETOR TRACTORS.

Protection of the company’s reputation

  • ZETOR TRACTORS is a company with a long-standing tradition. Its name is wellknown to the general public and has become synonymous with the products manufactured by ZETOR TRACTORS.
  • Employees shall uphold the Company’s reputation, and avoid any activities that could damage or put the Company’s reputation at risk.
  • Employees shall keep confidential all information that employees come to know during their employment, and shall not disclose such to third parties, in order to protect the Company’s interests.

Binding effect of the code of ethics

  • ZETOR TRACTORS’s Code of Ethics is binding not only on employees, but compliance with the Code of Ethics shall also be required from the business partners of ZETOR TRACTORS.
  • Following ZETOR TRACTORS’s Code of Ethics, a regulation implementing theCode of Ethics has been adopted to specify more detailed principles and rules for the compliance with and implementation of the Code of Ethics within ZETOR TRACTORS.

Prevention of unethical and fraudulent conduct

  • In carrying out their job duties, ZETOR TRACTORS employees shall make all of their decisions to the benefit and in accordance with the best interests of ZETOR TRACTORS.
  • In carrying out their jobs, employees shall not consider their personal interests or benefit to the detriment of the interests and benefit of ZETOR TRACTORS.
  • No employee shall accept or give any gift or entertainment that may create or be construed as a future commitment to the donor of the gift or entertainment, considering common sense, local usage and practice.
  • Employees, business partners and customers of ZETOR TRACTORS are given the opportunity to warn about unethical or fraudulent conduct via the channels established for that purpose.

Quality of suppliers = quality of products = satisfied customers

  • ZETOR TRACTORS acknowledges the importance of human potential, not only the potential in ZETOR TRACTORS employees, but also in ZETOR TRACTORS suppliers and customers.
  • ZETOR TRACTORS and its employees are experts in their respective fields, and respect the legitimate interests and requirements of their business partners.
  • Helpfulness and fair relationships are the core of business success.
  • Suppliers are selected with utmost care to reach the maximum standard of product quality to the satisfaction of our customers.
  • ZETOR TRACTORS holds the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 Certificate.
If you would like to be our supplier read our Supplier Quality Manual

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